The Who: Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 (Blu-ray) Формат: Blu-ray (PAL) (Keep case) Дистрибьютор: Концерн "Группа Союз" Региональный код: С Звуковые дорожки: Английский Dolby Digital 5 1 инфо 6882q.

От издателя In 1970, 600,000 people came to the Isle of Wight to attend a music festival At 2 AM, August 30 th, The Who appeared and gave one of the most memorable performances of their career… Track Listваинр: 01 Heaven And Hell 02 I Can't Explain 03 Young Man Blues 04 I Don't Even Know Myself 05 Water 06 Shakin' All Over / Spoonful / Twist And Shout 07 Summertime Blues 08 My Generation 09 Magic Bus 10 Overture 11 It's A Boy 12 Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawkerвмлвд) 13 Christmas 14 The Acid Queen 15 Pinball Wizard 16 Do You Think It's Alright? 17 Fiddle About 18 Go To The Mirror 19 Miracle Cure 20 I'm Free 21 We're Not Gonna Take It 22 See Me Feel Me / Listening To You 23 Tommy Can You Hear Me? Режиссер: Мюррей Лернер Продюсер: Мюррей Лернер Творческий коллектив Дополнительные материалы Режиссер Мюррей Лернер Murray Lerner Актеры (показать всех актеров) "The Who" (Исполнитель) Роджер Долтри Roger Daltrey всщщз Roger Harry Daltrey Джон Энтвистл John Entwistle.