Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi Several Additional Waves Fedreghini Марко Бианчи Marco Bianchi инфо 914p.

Содержание 1 Nothing Has To Change (A Jungle Jazz Portrait) 2 Stay (In Mood) 3 Oriental Smile (A Way Of Life Mix) 4 Another Face (Reworked Wave) 5 Spread Your Love (Take This Way) 6 Yoвазялu Are A Star (Shining Star) 7 Blue Night In Africa (Crossing The Land) 8 Spread Your Love (Take This Way) 9 Theme Of Solitary Notes (Hopping Notes) 10 Onda Espumante (Ironic Wave) Исполнители Паоло Федрегини Paolo Fedreghini Марко Бианчи Marco Bianchi.

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